Mission Statement: W.I.T.S. mission is to educate and provide practical solutions for Healthier Living, Animal Rights, Land Conservation, and Green Energy.

Vision Statement:  Arming and Inspiring Mankind to take action towards anything  that will enrich civilization to leave Earth in a better place than how we found it.  Educating people to make informed decisions that will benefit their health, their home, their community, and their planet is our passion and purpose.  Promoting outdoor activities, healthy eating and lifestyles is just a few of the passions that W.I.T.S. promotes and educates in our communities.

Who We Are:Whatever It Takes Sanctuary is geared towards immediate action and promoting the truth on all subjects that benefit the environment at large & mankind.  As a country and society we've lost sight of our roots and our deep connection to Earth (God's Country), Plants, & Animals.  We're here to connect you to the networks and resources you need to implement these changes in your daily lives.


Investing in sustainable energy & education specific to Solar, Wind, and Geothermal options for real work advancement.



Hosting and promoting outdoor activities is a huge passion of W.I.T.S.  After all, that's what starts the passion for Earth, and it's God's country!

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Top Initiatives in 2018

  • W.I.T.S. Health
  • The #Getoutside Movement
  • Urban Gardening & Gardening 101
  • Tree Planting Initiatives

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Focused on green energy education all while promoting and connecting solar, wind, and geothermal energy to our communities.

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